"Before healing others, heal yourself."
~ Gambian ~

Classes for Life Force Healing are usually done privately for each student but group classes are not uncommon. Linkings are a private matter and not for public or group viewing. The class format is up to the individual Teacher as are the course materials. Although student and teacher manuals are available through the Director, Teachers are free to use their own material for their classes or add to what is already available.

Due to the responsibility and level of understanding involved with channeling this energy, age restrictions do apply for each level of linking. These restrictions are at the discretion of each Teacher but all applicants of the Teacher Level must be interviewed and approved by the Director of Life Force Healing.

The following prices were established by Elsie Starks and are to be upheld by all Teachers of Life Force Healing. To alter these prices or give linkings free of charge without the permission of the Director of Life Force Healing is considered a violation of the Life Force Healing Code of Conduct. If someone has quoted you a price other than what is listed on this site or offered you linkings free of charge, for barter or exchange, please contact the Director of Life Force Healing through this site.

Temporary Level One Linking - Free This 24 hour linking is available for anyone who would like to sample the energy and see if they want to receive permanent linkings.

Permanent Level One Linking - $100 USD This level is commonly used for self-healing as well as working with others (mainly family and friends) and is appropriate for adults and children of all ages.

Level Two Linking - $200 USD This level is for those who wish to increase the Life Force Healing energy for healing sessions with friends, family members, and clients, and must be over the age of 14 to acquire this linking. A Practitioner at this Level can link people to the Temporary Level One linking.

Level Three Linking - $500 USD This level contains the fullness of Life Force Healing energy and is for Practitioners who want to expand their healing work and must be over the age of 25 to acquire this linking.

Level Four Linking - $1,000 USD Although there are always exceptions, the Teacher level is only for those who seriously want to teach Life Force Healing. Before a student can be linked to be a Teacher, they must be personally interviewed by the Director of Life Force Healing and must be over the age of 30. All Teacher applicants must be Certified Practitioners and agree to be Certified Teachers. The Teacher level is reserved for those who are capable of being good Ambassadors for Life Force Healing and are required to give the Level One Temporary linking to at least 4 people prior to their appointment as a Teacher. Please contact the Director for more information.