Awakening Love in the Chakras

Love flows from all of our chakras and when this flow is stopped or interrupted, imbalances will occur. But when the flow of love is constant and steady, the universe opens up to us in ways that we may have never dreamed possible. Start each day offering gratitude for your life and the beauty that surrounds you. Visualize the energy of love moving from chakra to chakra, starting with the first, or base chakra. As you do this, each chakra awakens to the power and beauty of love thus becoming a precious jewel emanating love wherever you go and to whomever you come in contact with.

When love is flowing freely through the first or base chakra, there is a sense of love for your home, the area in which you live, and your physical surroundings. Self-care and how you nurture your physical body also comes into focus in the first chakra. A lack of love in the flow from the first chakra results in different types of hunger. You may find yourself eating impulsively, seeing only what is lacking in your life and the world around you, and generally defending what you perceive to be in short supply. You might stop taking care of yourself or your home letting things go into disarray and disrepair. Breathing love to the first chakra will help you to develop trust in the process of life and the physical world around you.

When love is flowing freely through the second or sacral chakra, all of your creations, whether artistic or mundane, will be filled with a sense of joy and abound with hope and your connection to a sexual partner will feel very loving and supportive. If love is not guiding the energy that flows from this chakra, there may not be any discernment about your sexual urges. You may have boundary issues and have difficulty making wise choices. Breathing love into the second chakra will help you develop stronger boundaries, be more creative, and more discerning in your choices especially in matters with an emotional charge.

When love flows freely through the third or solar plexus chakra, you freely share and show your power with others in a loving way and you openly and gladly support others in their personal power without feeling competitive or left out.  If there is a lack of love flowing through the third chakra, domination, cruelty and self-righteousness occur, and there is the potential for the abuse of power. Breathing love into the third chakra will help you feel at peace with the world and the people around you and the energy will open you to the joy of lifting others up to reach their greatest heights and personal goals.

When love flows freely through the fourth or heart chakra, you radiate wisdom, kindness, acceptance, understanding, and tranquility. You are considerate and patient, thus allowing people to feel safe in your presence. The heart chakra is one of the strongest places you can live from, because the heart is where the energy from all the other chakras blends together. The heart is where you pour the energies of love into, and radiate it back out into the world. When the energy is balanced in your heart, yet you are not able to radiate it, people feel that you are holding back, withdrawn, negative, judgmental, disengaged, and that it's not safe to be vulnerable around you. Breathing love into the fourth chakra will enable you exude compassion and peace into the world and draw to you those things that can make the world a better place in which to live.

When love flows freely through the fifth or throat chakra, you speak the truth. Although you mostly speak your personal truth, you can also speak a higher truth beyond the normal limitations of self-expression. You don't use words to control, manipulate, influence, or harm; nor do you hold back words spoken from a place of integrity even though they might hurt others. If your motives and intentions are coming through this chakra balanced with love, your words will never be intentionally hurtful, even though sometimes others may interpret them as such. When you don't have love flowing through this chakra, you can be critical and judgmental, and you will withhold your truth. Breathing love into the fifth chakra will open a world of possibilities as you express yourself openly and with grace.

When love flows freely through your sixth or brow chakra, you see things as they truly are, and this vantage point is from the highest state of awareness. Your actions are aligned with a higher vision that sees into the heart of the matter. From this state of awareness, it is impossible to be hasty in your reactions. When you do not have love flowing through this chakra, you will not be able to see with the single eye, which reconciles the opposites and brings peace to the soul. Breathing love into the sixth chakra will enable you to see things as they truly are and enable you to act to all matters with loving kindness and respect regardless of your personal beliefs.

When love flows freely through the seventh or crown chakra, you connect to the one source within the universe and you feel connected to all things and all beings. There is a sense of oneness with everything and you realize that all things deserve to be loved and blessed by the energy of love. Without love coming from this chakra, there is either a sense of profound aloneness or disappointment. There may be visions and insights, but if love isn't connected to this chakra, you will feel detached from rest of the world. Breathing love into the seventh chakra will enable you to see your profound place in the world and give you a sense of being valued and appreciated for what you have to offer those around you.

Start each day with a brief meditation that brings love into the chakras and allows this energy of love to freely flow through them. If, during the day you have a few moments, repeat the meditation to keep the flow of love moving and emanating throughout your chakras and your aura.