What is Life Force Healing? Life Force Healing is a healing system utilizing a direct connection to the energy of Universal Unconditional Love. It is a spiritual, loving healing system that is not a form of Reiki or any other system based upon a healing ray. Life Force Healing will not negate, cancel or otherwise interfere with any "universal" or "man-made" healing energies. Being grounded in Universal Unconditional Love, it knows no bounds, prejudices or judgments thus allowing anyone to use the energy for healing or to achieve a higher state of consciousness. Life Force Healing is for everyone no matter their age, color, religion, sexual orientation, social status, nationality, or spiritual understanding.

Being the energy of love in its purest form, Life Force Healing has the potential of healing on a profoundly deep level. In fact, when students of other healing rays are linked to Life Force Healing they report that it multiplies the power of the healing rays many times over. Any student can separate the various energies they channel and feel the distinct difference of each one individually so there is always the choice of using each energy on its own or all of them as a whole. Whether you are linked solely to Life Force Healing or attuned to another system of healing energy in addition to it, Life Force Healing is sure to enhance the healing experience.

Life Force Healing linkings can be done distantly over the phone, over the Internet or simply through the ethers but as with most things it is best if they can be done in person. Like Universal Unconditional Love, Life Force Healing is not limited by time or space. Its linkings are simple and unique and as the more experienced seekers of Truth know, "the wiser the soul, the greater the simplicity." Life Force Healing guides us along this same path - simply based in Love, simply given with Love, simply accepted with Love.

What is Unconditional Love? It might be easier to explain what unconditional love is NOT first: Loving someone unconditionally does not mean you let them walk all over you, berate you, or allow them to hurt your feelings. Loving unconditionally does not mean you should be a doormat for someone's rantings, lies or deceptions. You should however, be as tolerant and nonjudgmental of such behavior as possible with the hope that the undesirable behavior changes over time. These undesirable behaviors are merely a reflection of what is going on in the inside of a person - their challenges - and are not a reflection of their core personality.

Unconditional love begins with loving ourselves, respecting ourselves, and expecting others to treat us with honor and respect in a loving, compassionate manner. These things should also be reciprocated to others: love, honor, and respect. If you are disrespected, betrayed, or deliberately hurt by someone, they do not love you unconditionally. When this happens, and after attempting to repair the relationship, you can best show your love for them and your respect for the relationship by walking away before more damage is done. This is not the same as throwing your hands up in the air out of anger or exasperation; it is gently moving to the side to avoid unproductive confrontation. Confrontation is not pleasant, but it is sometimes necessary to establish respectful boundaries. Confrontation is unproductive and becomes a problem when it used to hurt someone for the sake of proving a point or getting revenge. I could go on for hours on this topic but this will suffice for now.

How is Life Force Healing different from Reiki? Although most healers send loving energy with the healing ray they channel, Life Force Healing opens and aligns the heart in a unique way thus allowing those who are linked to the energy to have a more direct and unobstructed connection to the Source of Unconditional Love Energy than is normally available. During and after a linking, students can generally feel their heart chakra opening and expanding beyond its normal bounds.

Life Force Healing is not Reiki or Seichem which are elemental energies known as healing rays. In contrast, Life Force Healing is a direct connection to the energy of Universal Unconditional Love and is not connected to any elemental energies. Life Force Healing stands alone from other healing systems with its foundation in Universal Unconditional Love energy.

How did Life Force Healing begin?  Life Force Healing was first channeled in England by Elsie Starks in the mid 1980's. After many months being directly connected to and flooded by the energy of Universal Unconditional Love, the Dolphins came in to further enhance the energy.

After working with this new energy for an extended length of time, the Higher Beings Elsie works with showed her the process by which Life Force Healing could be passed to others. Most healing systems pass energy through attunements, but that term does not accurately describe what happens with Life Force Healing so the term "linking" is used. Each student is "linked" and directly connected to the energy of Universal Unconditional Love and although they may already be living with an open heart, "linking" will serve to open their heart in a more profound way.

What is the path of Life Force Healing today? Now retired, Elsie was directed by the Higher Beings who work through her to pass the responsibilities of Life Force Healing to Jayne Wood in Atlanta, Georgia so the energy would continue to grow and expand beyond the boundaries of England. In April 2008, these same Higher Beings personally spoke to Jayne through Elsie and asked if she would accept the responsibility of taking Life Force Healing "to the next level and out into the world."

Accepting her calling in June 2008, Jayne was officially appointed the Director of Life Force Healing and was linked by Elsie Starks as the first Teacher outside of the United Kingdom. While Elsie always used the color pink in her teachings, Jayne has been directed by the Higher Beings who work with her to use turquoise as the energy rises to new heights.

Within the emerald of the heart lives a beautiful pink rose. The energy of the emerald of the heart chakra is of the lower emotional body which consists of concerns for the self, security, accumulation of, attachment to, and pride in physical and emotional possessions. This is the very beginnings of our path to awakening the energy of the heart. Through time, experience, and maturity, one awakens to the higher aspect of the heart chakra, the pink of the heart. The color pink is red with a ray of white light shining through, taking the lessons of love to an even higher level of unconditional love. This aspect of love starts with the self where a healed relationship with the self must first be explored before these principles can be appropriately shared with others. After one lives completely and fully within this energy of pink, the rose comes into full bloom. As the energy continues to expand and rise, it moves up and into the energy of turquoise. This next phase of loving expression is within the High Heart, the Ananda-Khanda or Thymus Chakra which is the seat of Universal Unconditional Love. This is cosmic love which takes us out into the Universe and beyond.

Now having lived a life fully within the pink of the heart, Life Force Healing is free to expand in universal awareness as it is taken into the realms of mass communication and creativity for all the world to experience.


You are welcome to receive as a free gift, without any obligation, from any Level Two or Level Three Practitioner or Teacher, a free Level One Temporary Linking to Life Force Healing. This temporary linking will last approximately 24 hours so you can experience the energy for self-healing or to share with others. This linking as well as all other linkings can be done distantly via telephone, internet, webcam, or through the ethers for Universal Unconditional Love knows no boundaries and has no limitations other than what our personal fear places upon it.

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