Starlight Vibrational Healing - Event Chart
October 21, 2000, 11:00 pm, EDT +4:00
Woodstock, GA, 34 degrees N06'05'', 084 degrees W31'10''
Geocentric Tropical Zodiac
Koch Houses, Mean Node
(Event Time reported 10:00 pm-12:00 am midnight)
Report Correlated for Jayne Wood
by Loni Haas, Master Astrologer, Alpharetta, Georgia


A time of 11:00 pm was chosen for chart erection according to the general mid-point rule of astrology. It is also important to note the significance of 11 as a master number of numerology. The number 11 is keyed to "preparation" and speaks of the reverence that has been built into the Soul for the higher cycles that have yet to come. According to Cosmic Law there are three stages of experience that herald changes - preparation, enlightenment and finally initiation. In astrology, 29 degrees which is also the 11 vibration becomes important when delineating "collective events" as it is a number of extremes representing collective karma and cosmic tests.

This is the event chart for October 21, 2000. The Moon is in third quarter phase in Leo signaling a time when beliefs are put into action. The Moon is the ruler of the chart and is posited in the 2nd House indicating that "values" are being affected. The Nodal Axis straddles the 1st-7th house axis indicating "others" are involved in destiny. 1st-7th House axis activity or weight is often seen in alien encounter/abduction scenarios. The major angles (1, 4, 7, and 10) carry a split of Cardinal and Mutable signs also indicating that the results of activity depend upon "others." The 1st angle or Ascendant which represents projection is conjunct three Fixed Stars the most important of which is Mirzam a star of Canis Major which represents "a great announcement" that heralds an important event.

Three planets are in retrograde motion - Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn. Of high importance is Saturn at 29 degrees (Anaretic or Karmic degree which constitutes higher lessons learned and the energy of "expertise" - 11 energy) in Taurus (grounding of energy to be put to practical use) in the 11th House (the 11th House DEMANDS interaction with others and has "collective" ramifications meaning what has been gained through knowledge and experience must be shared for the greater good of all). Saturn is connected to 14 Fixed Stars (7 of which are found in Pleiades) and it is the elevated planet in the chart which puts it in astrological High Focus.

Tremendous responsibility is tied to its energy in this chart. In Babylon, the Pleiades was a calendar pivot point and the heliacal rising of the Pleiades marked the New Year. The Celts used it to mark the month of the dead (contemporary Halloween, All Saints, All Souls and even Veteran's Day). The Egyptians, the Greeks and pre-Vedic India all recognized the Pleiades. The Pleiades are known as a nebula (star cluster) and in astrology nebulae are bit tricky and often tied to eyesight sometimes indicating physical or spiritual blindness; however, they more often indicate great vision and mystical insight which is more the case here - we're talking about definitive prime energy.

In general, Mercury retrograde represents a good time to "take in" and learn. In this chart it is connected to great creative energies. It is conjunct the asteroid Ceres and both are in Scorpio which is a highly magnetic combination which promises that others will be drawn to the energy and that commitment to cause will be required. The two Fixed Stars connected to Mercury, Zuben Elgenubi and Zuben Elakribi, represents an individual who has been chosen to be spokesperson for a group or body of knowledge.

Jupiter is in the 12th House in Gemini in this chart. It is important to remember that Jupiter is the ancient ruler of Pisces and the 12th House so it still holds rulership of this House along with its modern ruler, Neptune. This is a very charitable and healing energy. Gemini represents the "hands" and the 12th House represents compassion so the final product is compassionate healing energy that is generated through the hands. There is also a tie to Karma and destiny and what belongs to one through Divine Inheritance when Jupiter is posited in the 12th House. Also of significance is Jupiter's conjunction to Aldebaran which is one of the Royal Stars of Persia. According to Fixed Star Guru Bernadette Brady when Jupiter is connected to Aldebaran there is "Success in large and noble projects . . . to dedicate oneself to the big picture for the good of one's culture or society."

ALL of these retrograde planets (Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn) are magnetic in nature and initiate energy that is taken in and processed. They are also "social planets" meaning the energy should be shared or "given out" after processing in completed.

The transiting Sun was also at Anaretic degree and conjunct the Fixed Star Izar. The Sun represents ego needs (male) and from the sign of Cancer (female) the epitome of nurturing energy. This is a high balance of the male/female energies. According to Ptolemy the influence of the constellation is like that of Mercury and Saturn, it is a star of prosperity with a strong occult nature. The Cabalists associate it with the Hebrew letter Teth and the 9th Tarot Trump, "The Hermit." The Hermit is a sage who goes within so that after his process is complete he can emerge and spread his inherent knowledge. Therefore, the Sun is emanating a highly balanced arcane/cosmic energy connected to Earthly prosperity. The Sun is also conjunct the asteroid Pallas Athena (Universal wisdom).

In Esoteric astrology there is an area near the lowest part of the chart (IC- Imum Colei) that is believed to represent where the Soul is breathed into the chart. If a planet is conjunct this point it is thought that certain energies are carried into the earthly incarnation that represent talents from other planes of existence. This works in a natal chart and an event chart. In this event chart, Mars in Earth Sign Virgo is conjunct the IC. This is particularly interesting since Mars itself actually represents energy and how it is used. Mars here indicates a secular and individual earthy resourcefulness. The energy is concentrated, direct, one-pointed and aggressive like a laser. Virgo is the sign of body/mind/spirit healing which is also apparent. Mars is conjunct Fixed Star Denebola indicating "to champion the non-mainstream cause . . . motivated to work with alternative causes" AND part of a T-square configuration with the Midheaven (worldly endeavors) and the asteroid Hygeia (healing of mind/body/spirit) powering up its job in the chart.


Fixed Star Listing

Every single transiting planet was connected to a Fixed Star(s) during this event:

  • Moon: PherkadSun: Izar
  • Mercury: Zuben Elakribi & Zuben Elgenubi
  • Venus: Acrab; Yed Posterior; Deschubba
  • Mars: Denebola
  • Jupiter: Aldebaran (Royal Star of Persia)
  • Saturn: Alcyone;  Alrai; Atlas; Celaeno; Keid; Merope; Pleione; Theemin; Asterope; Beid; Electra; Maia;  Miran; Taygeta (14 stars! All seven stars constituting the Pleiades individually listed here are conjunct Saturn)
  • Uranus: Rotanev; Alnair; Sualocin
  • Neptune: Alshatu; Geidi Prima; Geidi Seunda; Oculus; Dabin
  • Pluto: Alward; Kuma
  • Furud, Sheliak and Mirzam were conjunct the Ascendant of the Event Chart

It is important to note that all of these Fixed Stars affected everyone to some degree on this day and time. They become even more important if they connect with planets and points in an individual natal chart. So the next step is to see how all of these transiting entities impacted Jayne's natal chart. Whatever has been previously described with regards to the planets and Fixed Stars will apply to Jayne as specific by meaning when a connection to her planets or chart points is activated by these transits. Activity in the 4th, 8th, and 12th Houses is always prominent during this type of event as these Houses are known as the Occult Houses of Astrology.

Much of Jayne's personal healing power and ability comes from the 1st House Neptune and even though this is one of the most difficult positions for Neptune, healers with this placement tend to rise above the rest because the quality of healing can only be described as other-worldly. The Sun/Pallas conjunction is conjunct her natal Neptune (cosmic download). You must remember and bear in mind that in her natal chart, her stellium of Jupiter, Uranus, Midheaven squares that 1st House Neptune and totally amps up her healing abilities. The stellium in the 10th House is a strong indicator of someone who heals by occupation especially since it is generated from the sign of Cancer.

  • Transiting Mercury Rx is in the 1st House opposed 7th House Vertex Point (unexpected events tied to destiny)
  • Transit Jupiter is conjunct her natal Mars in the arcane 8th House (power-up)
  • Transit Saturn is posited in the arcane 8th House inconjunct with her natal Neptune in the 1st house.
  • Transit Neptune is conjunct her natal Chiron in the 4th House and this is also a healing power-up. She might also at that time been trying to heal old family or domestic wounds. [Note: one of Jayne's dearest friends died less than two weeks prior to this night.]
  • Transit Mars is in the arcane 12th House squaring her Nodal Axis both challenging and energizing her destiny and connecting any cosmic downloads to time and space, past, present and future.
  • Jayne's natal Moon was conjunct the Event Chart Ascendant which means she picked up tremendous amounts of impressions from the environment as well as the feelings/spiritual sensations from people and the surroundings.

Translation: it was a pretty cool thing.