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This page contains information about class prices and testimonials for Reiki, Elements of Alchemy, Life Force Healing, Egyptian Healing, and Starlight Vibrational Healing.
There are many types of healing energies and all of them can be very effective. Many times we are guided to someone who becomes our friend and it is that person to whom we turn to be our Teacher. Other times, we are mysteriously guided through the internet and land upon a website that speaks to our soul. However it happens, take the time to ask questions about the system you are about to embrace. Over the years I've seen the trappings of the ego get involved with other systems and it is eventually reflected through the overall energy.

Here you will find descriptions of the energies I have worked with for many years and brief descriptions of the classes I teach for each energy. All healing comes from a divine source in whatever form you wish to perceive that to be; how you choose to view it doesn't matter to me.

A "healer" is merely a person who channels healing energy primarily through the use of their hands. Hands contain chakras, out of which energy abundantly flows once a student has been attuned. Some people naturally channel healing energy, but an attunement can stabilize their flow of energy, making it more accessible and the flow smoother. A Master or Master Teacher is someone who is trained and has permission to teach healing classes where they pass the initiations (attunements) to others.

I work on several levels with my energy practice. There is the physical level where we address all ailments and complaints within the physical body; this is the easy stuff. Next, there is the emotional body; this is where it gets a bit more tricky. No one should professionally work on this level unless they have a great deal of experience and training. This is where the bulk of my healing work resides, but not by choice. Rather, it's just those types of people who are drawn to me the most. The energy work clears residual emotional energy from the aura so the client can begin their journey to healing. Other layers of the aura are addressed as the sessions progress and more than once, a past life or alternate multidimensional lifetime has come to the surface for healing which is always interesting.

I do not teach healing techniques in any of my classes. I do however, teach you to listen to your inner voice and encourage you to follow your own path; not mine. During classes, students learn how to set up sacred space for healing, how healing occurs, about the chakra system, symbols, and have the opportunity to practice with a healing session.

Anyone can learn to channel energy and facilitate healing; it requires no special talents or education. After each level of attunement, students can feel the energy flow through their hands, and this flow of energy increases in strength with each level of attunement. The dowsing of hand chakras prior to and immediately following an attunement will show you how much more open your healing channel has become; the more open the channel, the more energy comes through your hands. Before receiving my attunements, most people's hand chakras are the size as their hand and the energy is sluggish; after the attunements, the hand chakras are so large that the pendulum spins extremely fast and is spinning like a helicopter propeller. I have broken the chain on a pendulum doing this with students due to the accelerated spinning. Now we're having fun!


Life Force Healing: A healing system utilizing a direct connection to the energy of Universal Unconditional Love originally channeled by UK resident, Elsie Starks. It is a spiritual, loving healing system that is not a form of Reiki or any other system based upon a healing ray. Life Force Healing will not negate, cancel or otherwise interfere with any "universal" or "man-made" healing energies. Being grounded in Universal Unconditional Love, it knows no bounds, prejudices or judgments thus allowing anyone to use the energy for healing or to achieve a higher state of consciousness. Life Force Healing is for everyone no matter their age, color, religion, sexual orientation, social status, nationality, or spiritual understanding.

Being the energy of love in its purest form, Life Force Healing has the potential of healing on a profoundly deep level. In fact, when students of other healing rays are linked to Life Force Healing they report that it multiplies the power of the healing rays many times over. Any student can separate the various energies they channel and feel the distinct difference of each one individually so there is always the choice of using each energy on its own or all of them as a whole. Whether you are linked solely to Life Force Healing or attuned to another system of healing energy in addition to it, Life Force Healing is sure to enhance the healing experience.

 For detailed information about Life Force Healing, click here.

Temporary Level One Linking - Free This 24 hour linking is available for anyone who would like to sample the energy and see if they want to receive permanent linkings.

Permanent Level One Linking - $100 USD This level is commonly used for self-healing as well as working with others (mainly family and friends) and is appropriate for adults and children of all ages.

Level Two Linking - $200 USD This level is for those who wish to increase the Life Force Healing energy for healing sessions with friends, family members, and clients, and must be over the age of 14 to acquire this linking. A Practitioner at this Level can link people to the Temporary Level One linking.

Level Three Linking - $500 USD This level contains the fullness of Life Force Healing energy and is for Practitioners who want to expand their healing work and must be over the age of 25 to acquire this linking.

Level Four Linking - $1,000 USD Although there are always exceptions, the Teacher level is only for those who seriously want to teach Life Force Healing. Before a student can be linked to be a Teacher, they must be personally interviewed by the Director of Life Force Healing and must be over the age of 30. All Teacher applicants must be Certified Practitioners and agree to be Certified Teachers. The Teacher level is reserved for those who are capable of being good Ambassadors for Life Force Healing and are required to give the Level One Temporary linking to at least 4 people prior to their appointment as a Teacher. Please contact the Director for more information.

Distance linkings are available.

Testimonials about Life Force Healing:

  • While receiving this energy in a session in January 2011, a client made the following observation: "I intuitively see a purple ribbon containing a bronze medallion around my neck. It contains no words. On the medallion is a rider riding on a horse. In his left hand, the rider holds a polo-type stick that is positioned up in the air. It signifies the ability to be prepared to hit (or heal) whatever is the target (e.g., health condition, job loss). The scene switches. I intuitively see a Malaysian-like man jump from one cliff to another cliff, though they look to be 500-feet apart. It signifies the ability to mind travel with the physical body, free of limitations and impossibilities."



Starlight Vibrational Healing - Transformational Galactic Energy: Can be used for healing, time travel, manifesting, and lots of other fun adventures.

 Detailed information can be read elsewhere on this site -  Click here or the link at top of page

Starlight attunements
All of the following attunements can be done in person or distantly:
Level One Temporary - the First Vibration; lasts 1 to 3 days - Free
Level One - the First Vibration - $200
Level Two - the Second Vibration - $300
Level Three - the Third Vibration - $500
Level Four - the Fullness of the Starlight Vibration - $1,000
Level Five - the Starlight Mastership - $500

Testimonials from Starlight students:

  • On January 24, 2010, I the following account was given by a person who observed the Starlight energy in a session: "I see the starry blue sky that matches the starry sky in your cottage. I see a blue spiritual being that dances and twirls a blue ribbon like a rhythmic gymnast. At first, it broke through the blue sky similar to the atmospheric interference of a space shuttle coming back into earth. The blue ribbon contains no writing. Its end pulls the astrological signs from Aries to Pisces. A new wave of intense energy is coming to each sign. "Spiritual gifts will be awakened - sometimes in the blink of an eye."
  • On February 17, 2011, I received the following update from a new Starlight Master: "The Starlight Vibration Healing has been a major event in my life. Here some highlights:  The 4th level was held in reserve...when you passed it to me. Well the next day it came in during meditation with the Starlight energy. It was very hot like a laser up and down my hara line. It was very exhausting and overwhelming. It reminded me of what two levels of Cahokia would feel like at the same time."
  • On February 18, 2011, I received the following from a student who recently acquired the Starlight Level 2 attunement: "Being a little more than 3 days after level two, I have seen, felt, and traveled to some very interesting higher levels of thought. I know and I am learning the importance of a strong mind. I can feel an "opening" taking place from my higher self and within myself. For all that I have seen the last couple of days, I have learned that I have a lot [more] to learn. I have an increasing "longing" to create and to gain a deeper understanding of manifesting."
Other notes from students concerning Starlight Energy:
  • "Level one felt like a new level of energy coming in; Level two felt more like information being downloaded." 
  • "Two days later in more meditations with the Starlight, its energy linked with my Reiki attunements. I was sitting outside on my balcony tuning into its universal conscious energy and all of a sudden my back surged with energy between my navel and 2nd chakra. At the same moment I saw in my mind's eye a symbol light up in Starlight energy. I could not sit back against the chair for a half hour, it was just too sensitive to touch. After this linking, the Starlight became more of a personal energy, meaning instead of that it's something that I work with, I have become more identified with it as an essence of my own personal energy. "
  • "I begin to feel the universe echo in me."
  • Immediately following the Level one attunement, a student looked up me and said: "During the attunement, there were people standing here with us and they introduced themselves as the "blue people." Who are the "blue" people?!"
  • "The day of the attunements I sat with the energy all day to really let it absorb into my system. I was given an animal totem symbol [as has happened with others], which I find interesting. For the first time in *****  I saw dragonflies. Three were hovering and spinning in a circle outside my balcony. When I looked up the dragonfly I noticed it's keynote was Light Power. A couple days later, when the Starlight linked with my Reiki energy, I saw a parrot. You don't see those around here. I wondered if someone's pet had gotten loose. I thought since it was such a unique occurrence this too must be a symbol totem. I looked it up and the parrot also represents Light Power."
  • "The way Reiki has rooted the Life Force Healing that I may carry deeper channels of it, the Starlight has magnified it and I'm carried on such a radiation of power. It's like the Starlight allows the Life Force Healing to manifest in more tangible ways."
  • "[With the Starlight energy] I zoom into different time periods from the past. I travel faster than the speed of light. I intuitively see living book pages rapidly turn (to my right). I can inject myself into any page . . . I intuitively see many time periods with no limits. I can enter in to any period at will. I can also stop the turning pages and enter into the future. It's the same process., but the pages turn in the opposite direction (to my left)."
  • "I feel most at home in the Starlight energy."

  • "I fail at describing to you the experiences I have had, but hope you catch a glimpse when I say my visions, memories, experiences, intuition, are no longer stuck in my head but have become a reality that has freed me in a way I wasn't sure would be possible as a human. Not only that but it has allowed a level of knowing in me to blossom and grow."
  • "All you have done in my life in the past had set me free, but your most recent offerings have allowed me to soar to even deeper levels of freedom. You have healed me as you have attuned me. I'll never be able to show you my gratitude enough."



Reiki - An old stand-by for healing work:  Widely accepted and understood by most, Reiki is a foundation energy that can be used alone or built upon with other healing rays or healing energies. It is generally believed that Reiki is a healing ray of the Earth element. Everyone who has ever been attuned to Reiki has a Reiki lineage that can be traced back to Dr. Usui. Most feel that the shorter the lineage, the less likely it is that the energy has been altered to fit the ego of someone within the lineage. My Reiki lineage is not a part of any of the new Reiki systems. Elsie, my Reiki Master, refers to this energy as "the real Reiki" and it has never been given a trademarked name. This lineage of Reiki feels cleaner and more open than other systems I've experienced and attuned people to which is why it is now the only Reiki system I teach.

Reiki Classes
Private classes are scheduled on an "as needed" basis.
Reiki I - $150
Reiki II - $200
Reiki Mastership - $500

Distance attunements are available.

 Our Reiki lineage:
Dr. Usui
Barbara Ray
Ingrid St. Clare
Elsie Starks
Jayne Wood

Elsie personally studied with Barbara Ray and Ingrid St. Clare in the early days of Reiki but when she began channeling Life Force Healing, she chose to pursue that energy for her healing work. This when the "Reiki wars" began to break out and Elsie didn't want any part of the problems that were arising and to this day, continue to stir up problems.

Re-attunement into this particular Reiki lineage is available for everyone who has been attuned to a form of Reiki previously.



Elements of Alchemy - and the Three Levels of Elemental Healing (Spirit, Psychological, and Physical):  Initiations into the five elements - one attunement for each element - two levels of energy.
  • Earth - holds the archetypal properties of creation, birth, and material creation
  • Fire - carries the archetypal properties of activity and transformation
  • Water - allows the archetypal properties of cleansing and purification
  • Air - brings forth the archetypal properties of spirit into the manifested world
  • Akasha - the ethereal embodiment (Quintessence) of the life force that we encounter in altered states of consciousness; an element that permeates all nature and is the component of the celestial bodies; that of which the human soul was made.
This energy has been channeled by me, Jayne Wood, in 2010. The complete story is available to my students. Elements of Alchemy is extremely balancing in ways that we have never experienced before. There is no clearing process that accompanies these attunements as with Reiki, just complete and utter balance. Most students feel their Heart Chakra open more profoundly as they come into the fullness of balance offered by this energy. It can take some people a few weeks to  process this energy fully.
Foundation Level - $300
Mastership Level - $500

Distance attunements are available.

Testimonials from Elements of Alchemy students:

  • "I have never been as balanced as I am now after receiving the Elements attunements."
  • "For the first time in my life I feel perfectly balanced, yet I remember the imbalance from earlier in my life. It's only a cellular memory though; now I no longer want to act upon those imbalanced thoughts and emotions."
  • The balance I am experiencing from this energy is a "Yoda" kind of balance."
  • The following account was given by a person who observed the Elements energy in a healing session: "I see a large, healthy oak tree split in two (from top to bottom). The two halves rotate around, until their backs meet. It signifies showing the world what's on the inside versus the outward physical features. It feels like earth energy. A man shines a flashlight on the tree. He cannot figure out what's going on with the tree, but knows it's something he cannot control. He thinks it's strange and at the same time thinks it's the most beautiful sight he's seen. The trees lives on, in spite of the split."


The Seven Rays and the Holy Spectrum of Light: Initiations into each of the Seven Rays and how to use their energy for healing. There are Seven separate attunements, one for each Ray. There are massive emotional and mental clearings with these attunements which I will help you get through. The attunements to the Rays can be done a few weeks apart which can help you in the clearing process if you want to spread the attunements out. This is at the discretion of the student.

An manual is presented with these attunements and although this is not a study of the Seven Rays, a lot of information on the Rays is presented. Students who show and interest in taking this study further are strongly encouraged to do so.

Level One - A witness to the Light - 7 attunements - $700
Mastership - Being in Service to the Light - attunement plus teacher training - $1,000


~ Coming soon ~

Egyptian Healing: Initiations into the symbols of Ancient Egypt. Anyone can use the Egyptian symbols but once attuned to them, the power of each symbol increases many times over. The attunements create a firm connection to the symbols making them more accessible and fortified than ever before.

There is a separate initiation for each symbol. Over the course of this class, students are initiated into the archetypal energies of the universe found within the Egyptian healing tradition as expressed through the symbolism, mysticism and magic of the Ancient Egyptians.

In the past, others were called to clear the energy of some Ancient Egyptian symbols. These symbols were represented in a deck of cards that was used for divination - not divinely inspired by those who did the clearing. What others have done in the past was clear the energy represented by the cards; not the actual Egyptian symbols.

Spirit revealed to me that those who did the original clearing tried to make the symbols their own by attaching rules and limitations to the attunement process and the symbols themselves. Fear became a part of the previous system that sought to control the symbols and stories of destruction along with threats of persecution were spun to keep practitioners trapped in the controlling web of fear.

Egyptian symbols are not owned or controlled by anyone or any system; they are a part of our collective consciousness. Once again, Spirit has requested the symbols be cleared so the energy of those who tried to clear them before can be removed thus setting the symbols free.

The new attunement process into Egyptian Healing is both creatively simple and Divinely inspired. If you didn't get it here, you aren't using the same energy.

Some of the symbols a student will be attuned to are: Lotus, Scrab, Ankh, Shenu, Maat, Set, Nut, Ra, Tefnut, Geb, Shu, Bast, Ptah, Nebethet, Isis, Osiris, Sirius, etc.

Egyptian Healing - $500
Egyptian Healing Mastership - $1,000

The following account was given by a person who observed the Egyptian energy in a healing session: "I see myself in an attic opening a medium-sized treasure chest. Inside, I see square-sized cloths of different colors. With those cloths, I manifest small, electronic  objects designed to heal people in various ways. These object require no AC or DC power. My thoughts, my intent, are the drivers for the manifestation. They can hover in the air, without gravitational pulls"

"Then I see a white, hand-shaped cloth containing gold symbols that look like Braille on my right hand (palm side). The symbols are used to heal people by matching a code to their current health condition and then transforming it to a more healthy condition. The success of their healing depends on their free will and belief system. It will not change if they don't want to be healed, for whatever reason. If in agreement, they can be permanently healed in less than five minutes."


For private healing sessions, classes, or lectures, email Jayne at: allcrystal@hotmail.com

Please be aware that Jayne does not diagnose disease or claim to heal. She believes the body is a self-healing system that in most cases can heal itself if it is properly supported; sometimes support includes proper medical care from a trained Physician. Jayne channels an extremely high vibration of healing energy that supports the body so it can heal itself and therefore does not interfere with any type of care prescribed by the traditional medical community.