"The true measure of a man's worth is in how he treats his sister."

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 "There comes a point in your life when you realize who matters, who never did, and who never will. So don't worry about people from your past; there's a reason why they didn't make it to your future." 
Adam Lindsay Gordon

I'm a Master Healer and Teacher with vision and focus that goes beyond what most practitioners can offer. Having studied vibrational energy and alternative healing for nearly 30 years, my skills go beyond the realm of simple energy work. The depth of my understanding about how the human energy system (aura) around us looks, feels, and functions, enables me to assist in the healing and learning process on a profound level.

During a healing session, I look into the body to view its organs and systems which allows me to address illness and distress on a very deep level while monitoring the progress of healing.

Energy work has the ability to not only assist the physical body to balance and quickly heal itself, but it can open a person up to the higher levels of consciousness and help assist in their personal spiritual growth as well as open and enhance their psychic abilities.

With my physical eyes, I see auras which offers a great deal of insight into a person's personality. I know the aura color of all of my friends and clients and I find this very helpful to balancing our relationships. The first aura I saw was my own and then I went on to see my chakras. Although it is easier to feel chakras, I prefer to see them for greater accuracy.

Challenges with stress, all types of anxiety disorders, obsessive compulsive disorders, depression, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, chronic fatigue syndrome, hormone imbalances, and assistance in the recovery from cancer and chemotherapy treatments, are among some of the most common requests for assistance. All of these challenges and more can be greatly improved and oftentimes completely eliminated with a dedication to energy work.

I have had the privilege of working with several professional and noteworthy musicians in overcoming bouts of stage fright, heal torn rotator cuff and wrist injuries, rekindling stagnant creativity, and improving their overall performance, confidence, and voice quality. A heartfelt "thank you" goes out to them for sharing their musical/magical gifts with the world.

I have a cozy little one roomed cottage named Wild Moon Cottage on my property that is used exclusively for healing and classes. You can read a description of the energy within this building based on its astrological chart by Master Astrologer, Loni Haas (see above link for chart).

Concerning astrology

I know nothing about astrology; nor am I a "natural born healer and psychic" as others claim themselves to be. Yes, the astrological aspects that lead one onto the path of being a healer and psychic are dramatic in my chart, but I wasn't aware of these aspects until about 8 years ago and I still don't understand them. All I knew was that Taurus was my sun sign. I've been told by several astrologers that there are a lot of brilliant and down right astonishing things in my chart but I don't understand astrology so I don't dwell on them. I only mention it here to keep up with the Jones' so to speak.

Astrologically speaking, I have a Grand Trine of Chiron, Hygeia and Mars in the Arcane/Spiritual Houses (4,8,12) plus a First House Neptune that supports and nurtures my ability to create and channel healing energy as well as lift others up into the realms of higher consciousness.

If you really want to get into my astrological "stuff" you can read about the Starlight Vibrational Healing because anything you need to know is there. The remainder of my chart contains information about my family, childhood, and other such tidbits that are personal and are therefore held close to my heart.

The person I use for my astrology is extremely gifted and she proves it every time she opens her mouth. She is an expert in her field and has been trained by the best. Her name is Loni Haas - you can Google her and read all about her on her website; I'll let you do the work. Loni is professionally accredited by the A.F.A.  (American Federation of Astrologers) and has been studying astrology for over 25 years. She eats, sleeps, and breathes astrology; she even teaches astrology. She is an expert in the field and it is the only thing she does. If you have any questions about the astrological information on this site, either about me, my cottage or the Starlight energy, don't be shy - ask your questions. I won't have the answer, but you can email Loni and she will explain it all to you. She's the expert, not me.

Personal astrology charts are not something you want everyone in the world to see but if you make the public claim of having healing or psychic abilities, I think you should be confident enough to tell people what you have going for you from an astrological point of view to back up that claim. But just because you have  some astrological healing and psychic doodads in your chart doesn't mean you can perform the part so you must also know what you're doing. However, if you don't have the astrological aspects in your chart that would support you in healing and psychic work, this doesn't mean that you can't develop the abilities. Having the astrological support for something just makes it easier.

Upcoming classes

New Stuff: In addition to traditional Reiki and Life Force Healing, I offer the attunement process for the following healing energies that were Divinely inspired and creatively developed by me, Jayne Wood. If you didn't get it here, you aren't working with the same energy.

  • Seven Rays - Seven separate attunements; one for each Ray
  • Starlight Vibrational Healing - transformational celestial energy
  • Elements of Alchemy - Five separate attunements; one for each element
  • Egyptian Healing - Initiations into Ancient Egyptian symbols
Read more about the above energies by clicking of the link for "Healing Energy" at the top of this page.

Psychic Art Readings are one way I share my intuitive nature with clients. Having highly developed psychic abilities, I "see" the life path one is on and how the choices they make are influencing their present situation as well as the future. I take the images I see in my minds eye and create simple, yet beautiful works of art using crayons (and if luck prevails, a bit of glitter, too!) as I receive information from other dimensions. Sometimes a song comes through, and nearly always, flowers bring their special messages. These drawings are explained in great detail both as they are being created and afterwards, so clients have a full understanding of the answer to their question. Clients are gifted with the drawing I create for them so they have a reminder of their experience.

Aura-Soma Readings: Aura-Soma color therapy has been an important part of my healing practice for over a decade. Readings and healings with Aura-Soma can be profound, life-changing, and magical. The soul speaks to us through color and light; thus Aura-Soma allows us to quickly see the root cause of illness and personal challenges. Being an Aura-Soma Advanced Level Three Practitioner, I was interviewed by Hifumi Adams and featured in Japan's premier issue of Voice Style magazine in August 2005 (ISBN4-89976-083-3) as Aura-Soma's representative Practitioner from the United States. Click here for article (in Japanese).

Crystal Creations: Being an energy aficionado, I profoundly feel the energy of crystals and stones. I create rosaries for people of all spiritual beliefs and well a wide range of casual jewelry. My crystal creations can be seen at Infinite Spirit.

Healing Work:  Injuries and illnesses within the physical body, stress and anxiety within the emotional body, mental restlessness (such as O.C.D.) within the mental body, and the desire to achieve a higher degree of consciousness can all be assisted with the energy work I offer.

Although all ailments can be helped with energy work, one of my specialties is working with the hormonal system, especially in women. Whether the problem is a hormonal imbalance that restricts a woman from becoming pregnant, hormone induced migraines, or the challenges of menopause (either having it occur too early or having difficult side effects), I have had great success in directing energy to balance the hormones and eliminate problems.

Teaching: Being a skilled Master Healer, I offer a wide range of energies for my students to learn.I have attuned over 100 students from around the world to the various forms of healing energies I channel. I teach private and group classes in the Atlanta, Georgia area throughout the year.

What is involved in a healing session?

In my small, one room cottage on our property in Woodstock, Georgia where I hold private healing sessions and classes. During a healing session the client is fully clothed with their shoes removed, lying face up on a massage table. If the table is not comfortable for the client, a chair is used. Every Healer has their own technique; mine is simple and casual.

There is usually no touching during a healing session, although sometimes a hand is lightly placed on the client's shoulders, knees, and ankles to direct the flow of energy. During a session, the chakras will be opened and balanced and the aura will be cleared. Areas of pain, discomfort, or imbalance will then be addressed as the session continues for about one hour.

Sometimes during a healing session, I receive intuitive information about the client and this is openly discussed as it occurs. Most times this is information stored within the emotional body where can be gracefully released through energy work.

Regular clients receive Aura-Soma consultations as they feel the need, at no charge. All Aura-Soma consultations must be done in person by a trained Practitioner; internet consultations are not considered valid by Aura-Soma Inc.

I speak to both large and small groups with an interest in expanding their consciousness and taking their healing energy to new heights of awareness. My premiere lecture entitled "The Cup" goes into great detail about the energy of Universal Unconditional Love, and how it can be channeled for healing and achieving higher states of consciousness. Also available, is a lecture series and in-depth study on the healing power of color and the chakra system entitled "Colors of Light."

For private healing sessions, classes, or speaking engagements, email me at: allcrystal@hotmail.com

Please be aware that I does not diagnose disease or claim to heal. I believe the body is a self-healing system that in most cases can heal itself if it is properly supported; sometimes support includes proper medical care from a trained Physician. I merely channel an extremely high vibration of healing energy that supports the body so it can heal itself and therefore does not interfere with any type of care prescribed by the traditional medical community.


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